Ice Block

September 2022 - The Ice Block is symbolically the ephemeral remaining of the disappeared Ice Tunnel. The melting of this block is ongoing but its beauty will last through this visual archive.

Ice Tunnel Body

Live scanning - May 2021 / presented at Festival Altitudes in November 2021 as elements of the project called Collective Vibrations. Check the Collective Vibrations Menu for more! The tunnel was about 200 yards long.

Melt In Peace

The Ice Tunnel project is a process and research following the dramatic changes occurring in real time in the region of Arolla in the south of the Swiss Alps. Since 2021, I have been observing and collecting visuals, 3D scans, video sequences, drone visuals and photographies of the ongoing spectacular decadence of this very singular Ice Tunnel which opened up couple years ago and has now, this very September 2022, gone away forever after countless thousands of years of existence. Suddenly, this archive collected  is taking an unsuspected dimension and is undergoing postproduction for upcoming future events. More material and infos will be added on the website soon!

September 2022 - After the collapse

September 2022 - After the collapse which has been accelerated by the 2022 spectacular hot summer!

May 2021 - The Ephemeral Ice Tunnel is still filled up with ice. About 200 yards long.

May 2021 - Upward the top entrance

May 2021 - Bottom entrance

January 2022 - the ice at the bottom of the tunnel has fully disappeared

December 2021 - Bottom entrance

June 2022 - Bottom entrance

June 2022 -Top entrance

May 2021 - Top entrance

3D scan of the Ice Block - September 2022