Virtual sketchbook 2017 - Summer Lab Tour 

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None exhaustive selection of images and short video sequences are shared on this new website conceived as a virtual artist sketchbook. Another way to draw ideas instead of the traditional pencil and researches on a paper artist sketchbook. 

Creative synchronicity emerged out of spontaneous encounters or locations I visited during this Summer 2017 in Spain & Switzerland with a Beamer, a Computer and 23 min video sequence being edited progressively at the same time, as only brushes, in a small suite case.

It should be explained that by going to Spain, the only thing I knew was that I wanted to find a Baldaquin bed on a beach to map with the visuals I have been working on lately with a ground thematics on ORIGINS & Dialogues. The main reason of finding a Baldaquin bed came out of art competition. An installation proposal I had written and applied in June in China. So, I really wanted to see with my own eyes how the visuals would become in real contextual outdoor location. In an other hand, it is a playful way to create art intervention in public or not public locations as in wild nature, up in the Alps. You will find in the "Menu: Summer Lab Tour in Arolla"  another wonderful spontaneous experience with the beautiful family Arnett. Exciting & Existing contrast of cultures and nature scapes in correlations as reflecting background "démarche artistique"!

Creativity as a force in action can also make it fun and deep to experience, at the same time allowing positive sharing, dialogues and Vibes as aesthetic experiences with cultural exchanges & dialogues.

Of course, I forgot to mention the use of smartphone as tool to build up this website serving as a virtual sketchbook. 

Paradox of myself and my usual mediums since I'm always challenging and questioning the over abuse of new technologies. But yet, not denying them since I'm using technologies freely for as long as it makes Sense To Do It So.


Cosmic Moon Night 🌕 (symbolic of the full moon)

Art can easely free istself from banality. The 6th & 8th of August, at midnight, mid summer full moon, performances took place at this very unique moment which led to most unexpected experiences by sharing visuals and soundscapes at Zensa Marina in Dénia. 

It was at the very singular momentum of the full moon night, which by definition is a cosmic event. It does matter to mention it since I'm referring to understandings of old traditions (world wide) who looked at the full moon with much matters and respects since its influences on the life on earth and people. Celebrations, ceremonies and rituals that we have now in 21st century almost forgotten the meaning of, were happening at this specific peak of the summer in the cosmology mechanism.

Almost accidentally, I became a stage performer integrated within my visuals and sound collage. It is a unique experience since I do not aim to be a performing artist in the field of music stages but experimenting it as a one time or so... made much sense. And then move on ...

I make sense of this full moon art happening as a ceremony dedicated to the moon and it reached a dimension of real celebration since the guests spontaneously danced on the visual mapping and remixed sounds. From experimental sounds and noises to middle age oral poem song interpreted as early baroque classical style, then sliding into hypnotic sound dimension to tribal dancy beats soundscape. 

Nothing was planned and it happened to be a creative synchronistic experience as it was spontaneously being shared and experimented. It is one element you look for when you create, at least it can be a peak of art happening for what it has to be when it happens. 

What is it then? 

Thinking about Arthur Danto when he was reflecting on how banality can be transfigured, especially if it happens in some real life experience.

For years, I have been asked to show more of what I'm doing on the web. Now, I finally decided to open a bite the gate and let it go on the matrix. This website might just have a short life existence as an art happening. This is a public shared sketchbook 📚 where I'm only partially showing what I 'm working on and for the most it will remain unveiled on the web as long as possible!

Hope you'll enjoy it! pY ©

Unusual  installation set up ;-)
Unusual  installation set up ;-)