SIW Beijing 2018

Summer Night Digital Dream

Immersive installation performance @ the Swiss Innovation Week - SIW, inside the Swiss Embassy garden on the 6th of July 2018, with about 2000 VIP Guests. 30min video mapping & soundscape performance. Interaction with the natural elements, textiles & synthetic sheep skins.  MANY THANKS to the great Swiss Embassy team!!! :-) Special dedication to swissnex China for welcoming projection on the Dome.

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Performance's feedbacks

· The show was immersive due to the sound and the images working together. · Combination of Swiss traditional elements (carnival) and modern, almost psychedelic video and sound overlays – interesting as it is Swiss Innovation Week. I agree with that – you combined a modern way of showing art with the projections and modern music with traditional, very Swiss elements which not many people knew about. This was a good opportunity to learn about Swiss culture and start a dialogue. My personal experience: we had large monster figures being displayed in one of the videos. After explaining what the cultural significance is, someone close by started talking about what it is like in her country --- in that sense, it connects people indirectly by their stories, which is something I think is very valuable.

· The projection looked particularly good in the leaves of the trees when they were moved by the wind (3D image; unusual, sense of “this is new and exciting”).

· The projections can be seen over a large area, giving it the feeling that you are in the artist’s world (vs. seeing a painting which occupies only a small space)

· The sound feels calm, it was good to sit down and enjoy the performance after being in a large crowd of people. : credits to SIDI @ WTL Design  - 

Swissnex China Dome

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