DoDo Museum Beijing

SUNSET session @ Crossing Eternity 

Best viewing on smartphone!!!

Performance @ Opening Exhibition 26.10.2019. Exhibition until 26th of April 2020. With the Great support of Swiss Embassy Beijing!!! Liu Ruowang & his great team!!! 

Mixed Media printed arts works,  installation & video projections. 

With the courtesy of Max Pulver  « PuppenKlinik » Bern 😎

SUNSET session is combining one of the finest selection of printed visuals in mixed media by Pascal Yerly interacting with video mapping installation, spontaneously communicating in
symbiosis with Liu Ruowang's sublime paintings. A powerful dialogue between two significant cultures and artists. A unique showcase where contemporary visions of the arts is sublimed with immersive moving visuals and delightful electronic sounds. The collaboration of this exhibition between the two artists is a great event of culture and art for the two countries. It reflects the deepening friendship between China and Switzerland. It is an important achievement for Sino-Swiss cultural exchanges.It contributes the mutual understanding of different traditions for the people from the two countries.

Also celebrating the music art culture imageries from Western and Eastern cultures! Samples on Interactive modeling Synthetic Sheep Skins screen. Nancy Sinatra to Alphaville, to Fourtet, Romare, Dj Krush, Jasch Hagen, Billy Caso, Acid Pauli and many more.