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Watching through the Wolf's Eyes 2020

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2020 new project on "Wolf"

Part of The Universe - 12,58 min ©

Best viewing on smartphone!!!

In this universe of moving images and visions: the past, the present and the future meet here and at this precise moment…… Everything is happening at the same time! All origins take their sources from Life and the Elements, Life is through Creation. Through generations, we are dancing the celebration of Life. We give hands to the child conceived of Love and Love is guiding our steps to grow as guides of Life Forces, of the days to come. A dreamy feeling brings the audience into a space without gravity to meet the gravity as a sort of holographic Universe into chemistry. « As above, so below, as within, so without, as Universe, so the soul… » The visuals are as a movement of Life energy, changing colors, transforming shapes and figures which are creating another dimension to spiritual consciousness, real and unreal, with the progressive electronic soundscape unfolding and filling up the space with vibrations.

Encounter with THE ELEMENTS - 5,06 min ©



The concept is dedicated to recall that the carnival, especially in the Swiss Alps, is a reflection and left over of pagan traditions, remainings of animist culture relating to rituals and celebrations close to nature and the 4 elements. This project is a free interpretation striving to awake our perceptions and consciousness on this ancient lost culture of the Alps, from the Swiss Celts (Helvetes). Some of the rare clues can be found within carnivals as in Evolène in the Val d’Hérens or the Lötschental. Calling on the animals spirits, the visual contents are questioning the human relationship with nature where our psyche may have forgotten some of our origins and our connections with the 4 elements. Pattern of patterns, disruptive perceptions are revealing the old and the new through visionary possessions and possibly renewing the soul and a body transformation as a seasonal cycle of life. A powerful Alchemy of Life!

As a center figure of the CARNIVAL ANIMALS video projection, the wolf mask on the model is a real wooden mask from the Val d’Hérens. Interestingly, this valley is now facing the returning of the wolves, a much debating issue.